Why your wordpress development not upto the mark?

I was always lured by the web development back in college. I was though the student of ECE, Still I had the knowledge of web development. So I started developing websites. But here is a thing, now a days, there are alot of wordpress developer in the market in India and competing each other for mere single project.

So how will you stand out of them? 

I found a solution! India is still very poor in the quality of internet. Average speed of internet is about 4Mbps. So one of my friend come to me and asked “Hey Abhishek, you have learnt a lot about web development, tell me one thing. My clients always come to me and ask why page is loading so slow? I don’t know what to do. They ask me for better UI and still asking about loading speed.” He is a wordpress developer.

So, the people who are web developer will understand that there is a very great weakness of wordpress. If not optimized It would be very slow while loading which will drastically reduce the traffic. You have very limited thing to do in wordpress development.

I suggested him few things to optimize the websites.

  1. Use Pingdom tool to analyse where your website stand in the speed test. It gives the whole report of your website problems, where it is lacking, where you need to add change things.
  2. Use very less number of plugins. Most of the plugins have redundant codes that will increase the weight of your website and it will lead to slow the speed.
  3. Optimize the image to minimum size. The most of the loading time is taken by image. There are few tools like Smush.itcompressor.iocompressnow etc. which can effectively reduce the size of image without reducing quality.
  4. Use a CDN instead of local servers. CDN have very high speed of content delivery. They use visitors nearest server to deliver the content. They take all your static files and upload it to all other servers so they can deliver content in the minimum time. Some free CDN are CloudflareSwarmify.
  5. Use light weight themes while developing. I have seen many developers tend to use large size themes to do lesser work on the website. Light weight themes with better plugins will do the same job as the other. Visitors are there for content not for speculation of animations.

If you will use these few things while developing a wordpress website, the speed of website will be far more optimized than expectation. Which will bring a lot more traffic to your client website.